Brand Challenge

Togetherall approached us to provide clarity with their brand strategy and execution.

Brand Development
Graphic language

Our brief from when we first started working with Togetherall was to create brand guidelines so partners could work and execute their brand more effectively across the B2B and B2C markets.

Our approach was to look at the business, services and platform holistically and see what was consistent, agile and set in stone across their verticals. This led us and Togetherall on a journey of collaboration and exploration.

Project Background


A the heart of all their communications is a focus on accessibility. We learnt and evolved so that we can help and execute Togetherall’s brand in the most accessible way.

They are a joy to
work with

We engaged Bunker 2 years ago to evolve some basic brand concepts and assets post a rename and rebrand. They worked so quickly, creatively and professionally that we have retained them as our design agency and they have gone on to develop unique illustration and animation projects as we work closely to deliver a high volume of creative each month. They are a joy to work with, delivering quite exceptional levels of client service, it’s a good partnership. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Suzie Cullen | CMO – Togetherall


Teamwork made the dream work

What started out as a project to support partner executions evolved into a formidible working relationship. Underpinned by mutual respect and talented people, we worked together to push the brand in areas and ways that had not been explored before.

Their brand is in a consistent motion of change and development. It’s a journey that we continue to explore and push the boundaries, together.