Brand Challenge

How do you create a new VC specialising in Blockchain technology?

Brand build
Product design

We were briefed to create a new brand and website for a new, forward thinking company with ambitious plans to create and build multiple blockchain projects over the next few years.

At the heart of this brand, were the dynamic and highly skilled team behind Propella, so this brand needed to embrace the future while showing legacy of being able to successfully deliver new products to market.

Project Background

The new name in
crypto VC

Propella are on a mission to empower people all over the world and use blockchain technology to create safe, secure and interesting products.

Bunker team has
been invaluable

We’re a new business operating across a range of sectors. The work we completed with the Bunker team has been invaluable, helping us to develop brands, communications and user experience across a number of markets. Working with the team at an early stage has been a joy and really helped to develop our initial ideas.

Founder – Propella


A dynamic and progressive brand to take on the world with blockchain technology.

Inspired by blockchain and the huge amounts of potential it has, we dug deep into what makes a brand work in this space. What was key about this project and when creating the brand, was being able to embrace the ever-changing landscape of Web3 but also show a brand that has a sense of legacy, heritage and security.

We are continuing to work with Propella on multiple projects aiming to launch shortly, so watch out for what’s coming, it’s going to be mega!