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Brand Challenge

Rentd wanted to Stand Out from the crowd in a busy prop tech space.

Brand build
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Rentd was looking to shape a new way to rent in London. A platform that guided a tenant or landlord through the whole rental process.

The challenge was what should that look like? What has to happen and what can we change? We worked closely with Ahmed, the Founder, to drive a better way of renting.

Project Background

The smarter way
to rent

The brand was born on a future where everything can be done simply with your mobile phone. And it didn’t stop there…

brand building in my
eyes is incomparable

I have worked with Lawrence, Adam and the Bunker team over the past four years. Their creativity, colour palettes and brand building in my eyes is incomparable to that of any agency I have used before. As a Founder of a start-up, being dragged here, there, and everywhere knowing that team Bunker have my back covered, elevates the added burden of also worrying for our company’s image.

Ahmed Gamal | Founder – Rentd


We immersed ourselves in the whole rental process to create from the ground up, a better solution for renters and landlords.

We did our homework, lots of homework to drive the strategy on how renting (for landlords and tenants) can be so much easier.

We created a whole new customer journey that takes the user through the whole rental process. A bold and confident vision, needed a brand which was clear, direct and engaging. This is a proptech brand to take on convention and embrace the new opportunities.