Brand Challenge

Tab wanted to Differentiate themselves from other bridging loan finance companies.

Style guide

Led by a founder who does things differently, we were briefed by their CMO to create a new distinct brand that could be deployed across all on and offline media, including their platform itself.

This brief was clear with vast amounts of research, insights and knowledge supplied by the CMO. So we loved getting straight down to work.

Project Background

short term bridging
with long term

The brand was one which was focussed around opportunities. With simple colour variations, we could show the growing success of Tab and open up conversations for new opportunities.


Bold and centred around Opportunities, this brand has a world of its own.

Once the illustration style was approved, we were able to look at how we can create a world which shows the properties Tab have investments / opportunities in. This would form the bases of a graphic language that can evolve as the business grows.

Working with the team at Tab has been a joy. They are responsive, smart and love to collaborate… just like we do!