Brand Challenge

Strivin wanted a brand that could engage with aspiring leaders and mentors.


Our brief was to position Strivin as the platform for people to connect, engage and learn to improve their career journeys. All in one seamless platform.

The community is all about sharing knowledge, experience and enabling people to achieve greater things. We came up with a dynamic brand which has been deployed across all customer touch points. Our thinking was firmly in the ‘connecting people’ space… Think Mr Miyagi and Larusso.

Project Background

Strivin & Thrivin

The message was simple, Strivin can help you thrive. Strivin and Thrivin is used to promote the ease of platform use while communicating it’s core benefit.

They are a true
extension of our team

We couldn’t love the Strivin brand any more if we tried. The Bunker team was fantastic from start to finish. They managed to turn an idea in our heads into reality, they were clear on timelines and deliverables throughout. They are a true extension of our team and we’d recommend them to anyone.

Laura Johnson | Founder – Strivin

Brand Solution

Build it and they will come. Just work your butt off!

We used two points and blended them together to promote the concept of connection and community. The dynamic colour palette enabled us to execute our vision clearly and concisely.

To date, Strivin has gained huge numbers of mentors and ‘apprentices’ on the platform and a very successful podcast strategy has enabled them to grow their audience and engage. Great job Laura and we look forward to supporting her on her journey.