Brand Challenge

Create a new brand and website that’s centred around Product Strategy.

Style guide

An Australian company with ambitious growth plans, we were briefed by the Product Strategy Director to create a new website while evolving the brand into one which can connect to the modern audiences they were seeking.

The core challenge here was creating a brand that encapsulated all their product offerings and benefits.

Project Background

An assured

We looked at all visual elements underneath their logo and delivered a brand that enabled them to promote their key benefits effectively.

branding outcomes

We engaged with Bunker in the context of a business positioning update. Our objective was to develop the new evolution of the business identity, launch the new brand, and develop internal/external assets, including the website. With the Bunker team we developed a collaborative process, allowing space for ideas to be listened to and tested. It allowed for each selected concept to reach its full potential considering the business constraints at the time. Bunker is responsive, adaptable and produces high-quality branding outcomes.

Olivier Cauderlier | Strategy Director – SecureCo


A benefits focussed brand with a new graphic language to boot.

We changed everything, not just because we were asked to, but because we wanted to give them a toolkit which would empower their marketing teams to deliver their campaigns.

This project started as a small one and the deeper we dug and collaborated with the Product Director, the clearer it was that we needed to elevate the brand into a new area that was not originally considered. Lots of teamwork with the client on this one and the outcome, well, we like it!