Brand Challenge

Reed Professional Services wanted a brand to Revitalise their proposition

Style guide

After having done a major group level rebrand, we were briefed to create a new brand for the Reed Professional Services offering. Our main challenge was to create a brand that RPS could have ownership over, while referencing some of the thought and work carried out during the Group rebrand exercise.

So we put our thinking caps on and got to work.

Project Background

Bringing people, tech and process together

We were inspired by how they do business and it was across people, tech and process that they consistently delivered great work. It was these three elements we used to execute the new brand identity.


A brand inspired by Proposition and Value

Using the 3 pillars for the new brand, we created a visual identity that interchanged between the 3 different rings to promote the concept that each client and project is completely bespoke but is measured by people, tech and process.

We continued to explore the brand through website design, campaign and case study sheets – so that the rationale worked across all customer touchpoints.