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Brand Challenge

JMAN wanted a brand that reflected their culture, as this was missing.


Armed with huge amounts of research, internal workshops and consultancy support, we had the opportunity to hit the ground running. This is where our brand dials approach proved the key part of the process, bringing immersion and insight into creative brand plans.

We engaged with all the findings and found lots of cues to create a brand with expression, passion and creativity.

Project Background

Values driven

The graphic language is delivered through key messages which came from their values workshop – enabling the team to express themselves.

our brand is now
a true reflection
of who we are

The Bunker Creative team quickly got to grips with what we were trying to achieve and took us on the journey with patience and skill! Their brand dials approach was great. It helped us test a spectrum of moderate changes to more disruptive outputs. We are delighted with the final outcome – our brand is now a true reflection of who we are.

Anush Newman | Founder – JMAN Group


A dive into graphic language

We explored many different executions to get the most relevant graphic language to match JMAN’s culture. We did this in collaboration with them and developed the route to final execution. The result, a brand which truly reflects the people of JMAN.