News | 13th January, 2019
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Lawrence Hansford


Brexit and the Creative Industry

With every political side condemning the Prime Ministers’ proposal for us leaving the European Union, it’s almost impossible to guess what will happen next. Resignations, moves from the left and the right - once we leave the European Union, how could it affect the creative industry now and in the future?

Well, one of the most obvious points is the free movement of people coming to a halt. The design industry is enriched with creative people from all over the European Union (and further afield), which can only be a good thing for not only the creative industry, but for the country. Different cultures from different backgrounds come together to challenge and bring new ideas to life. Although it seems that European people living here already have a right to stay (and rightly so), what does it mean for the future? How ‘easy’ is it going to be for agencies wanting to recruit European candidates and likewise for those designers wanted to explore the design world we offer here in the UK? Are we going to lose the dynamic culture that is enjoyed by so many agencies large and small? We hope not - but more clarity is needed.

We have already seen a number of companies move their operations out of London and the UK (with many more looking at the options available to them), imagine if a deal is reached which isn’t favourable or even a no deal Brexit, think how much impact that would have on the industry when considering IP, copyright and Visas - are we going to lose work, briefs and projects from those companies? I suppose a better question, would be to ask how good is your relationship with your client base and how do you work effectively overseas? Not to mention will budgets be hit? Restructuring and relocating is not a cheap exercise - especially for larger companies, and surely marketing budgets will be cut to aid this development.

There are so many other points we can discuss, but as with everything over the last 2/3 years, more information is needed.

All in all, whether you are ‘remain or leave’ - it’s fair to say that under the current deal, neither side ‘wins’… but what is needed from Government, is more detail on the future ahead, no matter how rocky it could get.