News | 27th November, 2019
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Lawrence Hansford


Black Penguin 2019

Our annual gin is always a studio highlight but this year we wanted to do something a little different. So, our founders Adam and Lawrence, decided to go back to where it all started, UWE Bristol, and give a little back. They gave a lecture on their experiences in the industry and also offered the students the opportunity to design the new Black Penguin Gin for 2019. The three finalists all received prizes for their efforts, with the winner, Ruby, also securing a work placement at the studio, in London.

Ruby’s entry caught our eye as it displayed a bold, modern design which was derived from her original concept. The end result, aptly christened, ‘Pearguin’ is a celebration of winning combinations, perfect pairings and as always, great flavour.

We sat down with Ruby and asked her a few questions about the whole experience.

Interview with Ruby Craner-Buckley

BC: How was your first taste of a 9 - 5 design job?

RCB: It was a shock to my student system, the hours, on top of the London commute, meant in the week you really live to work. That highlighted to me how important it is to love the work you do.

What was your biggest surprise when you started working in the industry?

I was surprised at the amount of paperwork, admin and ground work that goes into a job before you even get to the designing.

We hope you picked up a few things to take back to uni. Were there any tricks of the trade that you would tell your friends about?

I’d emphasise the importance of understanding intellectual property.

What was the best thing you worked on?

As much as I loved the chance to work on live briefs, meet clients and help with strategies, the best thing had to be developing the Black Penguin Pear Flavoured Gin. Seeing it from the start to the finish and having been given such design freedom, yet also constructive guidance, made for a perfect project.

How do you feel this experience has shaped the designer you want to be?

It has really instilled in me that the idea behind the design is key. We can learn how to create and present, but to have an impact, the concept behind the design needs to be strong. This is pushing me to create meaningful work.

Culture is very important in any business, how did you find working at Bunker Creative and how would you improve it?

I loved the office atmosphere because it was fun yet still motivated and hard working. I know at times I must have been a liability, but it was so helpful to know I could ask questions whenever I needed. As for improvements, I think you need to look after Robert Plant better (he’s one of our office plants)

What was the most challenging aspect of your job?

Initially feeling out of my depth when realising the level of sophisticated thought processes needed for brand strategy brain storming, but felt my confidence build and enjoyed having my input heard.

What thing will you take away from the experience?
(Aside from an improved music taste and a few bottles of gin)

I real understanding that time management is the key to getting anything done.

Lastly, has there been any changes in your approach to work and your design process after your time at Bunker Creative?

I have learnt how to be confidently more experimental when developing designs, by being able to revert back to previous versions saved in an organised way.