Yum Bowl | Vietnamese Restaurant

Right up your street food

Yum Bowl is a Vietnamese restaurant spearheaded by their founder Joe Dang. An incredibly passionate and ambitious man, he wanted to create a new brand for his suite of restaurants, and that’s where we came in. Yum Bowl currently opens only during lunch times, so we decided to place chop sticks in the ‘O’ of ‘bowl’ to imply the hands of a clock. In this case, just gone 1 o’clock… lunch time! 

When it came to visuals, Joe wanted his food to do the talking. No photoshop, what you see is what you get. Great portions and amazing taste. This inspired our image led advertising with bold and impactful colours inspired by the hues of his dishes.



“Bunker Creative are amazing to work with. The team are friendly and get your work done quickly when you need things urgently”

Joe Dang, Founder

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