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Spacelab is an award-winning agency, delivering an integrated and progressive approach to workplace consultancy, interior design and architecture.

Led by Marketing Manager, Hannah Mellow and the founding partners, we worked tirelessly to redefine the strategic and visual identity of this design agency. Spacelab is centred around people, digging deeper than any of their competitors, enabling them to deliver exceptional spaces for their global clients. “Unlocking space. Empowering people” was the result of really getting under the skin of what makes them tick. It’s what they do, day in, day out. This is the promise that will appear on all their communications.



"Bunker’s real understanding of who we are as a company and team, was felt by us immediately. They showed a passionate interest in learning in-depth not only what we do, but what our work means to us, our clients and the wider world. This was key to making the process entirely collaborative from day one, and meant the results were strong, clear, dynamic, and had a very impactful message."

Nathan Lonsdale, Partner

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