Ocorian | Fund Administration has a new name

Injecting more life into the brand

At a critical point during the rebranding process, we were asked for our fresh perspective to help establish a new name for Bedell Trust. For this, we wanted to create a name that sufficiently reflected the award-winning heritage of Bedell Trust whilst at the same time modernising the corporate profile but retaining the emphasis on confidence and trust. Ocorian was born. The logo highlight is an orange and grey tone in the second ‘O’. This symbolises Ocorian and their clients; working together for a common cause, it’s a lifelong relationship.



“We engaged Bunker Creative in the rebranding process to help develop and identify the new name for the business to encapsulate what we stand for. They provided the solution within days. With excellent creativity, speed of turnaround and a pleasure to work with, Bunker Creative are a great design / branding partner.”

Grant Barbour, Managing Director

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