Deputi | Business learning and advising software

Your business has a new employee

We were approached to create a new name and branding for an AI based company.

Deputi is your digital COO. It learns, stores information, performs tasks and advises business owners on matters relevant to their companies. Any question you have about your business, Deputi knows the answer. Our strategy was to create a proposition that reassured the user that Deputi will always be there (hence the name) and you can always rely on it. To add more charm to the brand, the logo includes a mini character within it to humanise the brand. This was a strategic decision as the AI perception can be 'daunting', and so we wanted to make it more engaging to the end user.

We also wanted to highlight communications, and the positive benefits Deputi can have on companies; focusing on familiar situations that business owners find themselves in and offering Deputi as the solution.



"We have really enjoyed working together with Bunker - from the first time we met they look time to get to understand our product, values and vision. In short shrift, they translated this into a brand and visual identity for Deputi that we are really excited about."

Darragh Jones, Co-Founder and CTO, Deputi

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