For every agency out there, client retention is everything. For creative agencies especially, the relationship between client and designer can need fostering. This is normal, given the subjective nature of design work which also has a tendency to evolve alongside changing roadmaps and strategies. When you mitigate the need for client account handlers (like we do), and take on the role of both designer and client contact, we find this experience is second to none. It can present a few challenges though. But our mantra, which has worked so far, is ‘trust me, I’m a designer.’ Here’s why trusting an experienced designer to work on your account is the best decision you could make for your brand.


  1. We know when and how to educate


The mark of a good designer is knowing when to call upon those years of experience and add your own steer to brand strategy. When taking a brand to market, whether it’s new or a recent update, you learn how to sell the brand’s story cross-channel and you learn what works and what needs improving. We’ve launched multiple brands and influenced their strategies so we understand the intricacies of branding – from the bare bones of a logo to website and app development. The marketplace is a competitive one so the mark of a good designer is being able to translate a strategy and often represent what it should look like within that marketplace – which might be a different picture to what was first imagined by the client. A good designer will be able to do this retaining the essence of the brand itself – and diplomatically.


  1. We’re flexible and love feedback


Good designers will move mountains to maintain a happy client which involves masterful flexibility. Flexible designers save clients plenty of heartache and also a lot of stress, especially when they have their hearts set on something which cannot be easily achieved. Experienced designers will do everything they can to realise those client ambitions and will always crave feedback every step of the way to ensure they’re going down the right path. Often budget has a part to play in this: to ensure projects don’t go over budget we always prefer to ensure communication is constant so extra time isn’t spent on unnecessary work.


  1. You can trust us with your brand


Some of the best design projects happen when designers and clients trust one another. We understand that handing over your brand to designers might feel like parting with your significant other or baby, you never know what might happen to it. But you can trust us to treat your brand with the utmost respect and retain all the key characteristics – no matter how much things morph along your journey.


  1. We won’t lose sight of your strategy


Brand strategy is so much more than a logo, colour and typefaces. Branding is about how you want to make your customers feel, how you want to sound and what kind of experience you want to impart. Essentially, branding is your company’s personality. It’s what makes people choose one company over the other – and ultimately it reflects how someone feels about themselves. Many people identify with the brands they choose to buy from and interact with. This is why we’ll never lose sight of these overarching briefs and goals.


  1. We input and work collaboratively


Most importantly, a good designer always inputs and has a willingness to share ideas. This is both with the client and also with their peers – other designers, copywriters and anyone else working on the project. This ensure constant creativity and idea generation which fuels development and growth. Collaboration is everything to make sure that designer and client are on the same page – which may involve meeting risks head on together. Collaboration fosters strong relationships and can never be underestimated.