‘Every product has an unique personality and it is your job to find it.’ Joe Sugarman

Regardless of what you’re trying to communicate, regardless of the medium, the quality of it or how you envisage it being produced, the absolute cornerstone of any campaign is the copy.

You’ll be aware of the vast numbers of online platforms out there and the ease at which marketers are sometimes bought into them. It is easy to fixate on elements like social media, almost to the point of detriment. Sometimes focusing too hard on the medium confounds or entirely distracts from the message. It’s the content that’s importance.


Copy is equity

I like to think of any project that needs copy, big or small, like a journalist would when they consider a front page. Whether you need to produce copy for a brochure, a product, social media or for SEO, the platform or the medium is my front page and now I have to decide what equity to fill it with.

There’s a phrase that’s been kicking around the digital world for a while now which is ‘content is king.’ In digital, content and copy seem interchangeable but copy is your premium goods. The content piece itself of course has to work and you will often pull in elements from other areas, like design and web development. The words though? They are the real sell. Only the words give you real pulling power, real persuasion, real emotion and real branding.


In copy we trust

Getting your copy right is imperative. It’s never a one woman or man show though. Design and copy are best friends and must be highly compatible. From a design perspective, I always feel like I have to trust the designer I’m working with. And this because you need your designer to read what you’ve written and be honest. The copy won’t fit the page? It gets edited. We need copy to fill the page? We address the structure. The copy and proposed design simply don’t blend? Then we work together to find a match. It’s off brand? Then we realign it.


What does good copy look like?

The best way to feel content about your copy? By using a copywriter who understands brands. The very best copywriters are sympathetic people, who understand consumers and what makes people tick. There’s a very human level to good copy. Otherwise, you’ll never be content with your content. As Shakespeare’s King Henry VI points out:

My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy.”


Good copy remains king. But good copy is hard to find. Make sure you get yours right.