Did you know that there are 1.4 million freelancers* in London alone? The numbers are too big (certainly for me) to try and work out in order to extrapolate that across the entire UK but the point remains that there’s an exceptional amount of talent out there. Large agencies often fall back on freelancers to produce work that they couldn’t do in-house, especially when they are looking for a specialised skill or for a project to be turned around quickly. Value is all around us, in the guise of experience and varied skill sets. When it comes to the creative industry and design, there’s a misinterpretation that to ‘get the job done’ it’s easier to go to a large agency. But sometimes you sacrifice value to work with bigger name agencies.


Who’s getting value?

At Bunker we pride ourselves on our in-house talents but also our ability to find other people who can fulfill roles on projects. We know and understand the value of the individual. When design is a vertical purely powered on talent and skill, we find that you have to look further than the big agency experience to find true value.

For many, design work used to be considered a luxury but now you’ll find a designer of some sort in most marketing departments – big or small. There has never been more graphic design jobs out there, what with high quality, shareable content being the name of the online game. Good design work is here to stay, so why pay a small fortune for work that could be delivered by someone who doesn’t work in a big agency?


Does size really matter?

The adage there’s ‘safety in numbers’ gets wheeled out when weighing up the pros and cons of working with either a smaller or larger agency. Companies do opt to work with larger agencies purely based on name and position but most big agencies are working with a sizeable amount of accounts – do they know the value of your work or are they estimating your value?

Seek creative licence wherever possible. This is where smaller agencies have the advantage over larger ones: smaller agencies and freelancers seek value and opportunity by pushing their own boundaries.


Value lies in the individual

Crucially, when it comes to the creative industries, true value for money comes down to experience. The creative industries, whether the discipline is design or another, like copywriting, are all about individual value. What brands you’ve worked on, what you did for them, what you created that is different from anything else you’ve done are all keys to success. People who like to push their own boundaries to improve themselves naturally flock towards smaller agencies because the space and creative licence is there to grow and bring new flavours to projects – big or small.

Where big agencies fail – delivery and creativity being the top factors – is where small agencies thrive. The smaller you are, the more gumption you have to produce quality work that’s always on time and smashes expectations.


*The Professional Contractors Group