Lab coats and petri dishes aren’t items you’d normally associate with a business plan, but if you’re starting to think about investing in your brand you’ve got to spend some time in the lab. By this we mean creating an environment where research and strategy are encouraged before you start investing in creative elements like design work and further branding tools. It’s imperative to know and understand the industry you’re in, where you want to go and where you can go right now before you take things further.

When it comes to investing in creative, direction is power. Design has the power to influence and change peoples’ lives but it has to be a translation of brand initiatives and insights. So take your brand to the lab – because too much research and strategy doesn’t exist. Here’s a few considerations to think about as you take a close look under the microscope.


Where are you going?

Business strategy for the here and now won’t cut it, you need to look at least five years ahead, but ideally eight to ten. Advance planning is key. Strategy isn’t something that happens when you think about changing directions, it’s about planning for your brand’s aspirations and cementing concrete goals, finding a way to measure progress, choosing your industry space, deciding how you’ll play the game – and how to win it. The end of this journey might not be tangible right now, but the plan to get there should be.


Understand your industry

This is an invaluable part of business strategy. Why?

    • You’ll make better decisions. e.g. Are any legislations you follow likely to change any time soon that may affect your direction and output?
    • You’ll spot threats and opportunities early on. Strategising from the get go will give you a competitive edge and will help position you as a market leader.
    • You’ll develop expertise and grow a successful, dynamic team. e.g. Adapting to new methods and audiences can mean a change in pace and skill sets. Knowing what’s round the corner is critical to building your future.


Trends and future trends

Predicting future trends goes hand-in-hand with finding business inspiration. Understanding important consumer attitudes and behaviour will help you shape business decisions that will get you noticed in the market. It also helps inject inspiration into your creative thinking. Industry changes are easy to capitalise on once you’re not being reactive but proactive.


Execution is everything

Once you’ve spent some time in the lab researching 360 degrees of your brand’s position and future strategy, you’ll be in the perfect space for brilliant idea execution. We love working with ambitious brands and strive to produce the best work possible for them. Truly great creative execution is the result of everything above: brand planning, strategy and positioning. It works best for us in the long run and it’ll work best for you, too.